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Treasures of Cinematic Music
Grand Auditorium
People attending a concert in the Grand Auditorium
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What you'll hear and see

The music

  • Œuvres de Shore, Williams, Zimmer et autres

The artists

  • Greiweldenger Musek
  • Lënster Musek
  • Chœur de l’INECC Luxembourg
  • Chorale des jeunes du Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg
  • Chorale Les Villageois Contern
  • Chorale Muselfénkelcher
  • Mil Muller direction
  • Chris Nothum direction
  • Nathalie Laurent Chorus Master
  • Pol Serra Chorus Master
  • Jean Thill direction de chœur

The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean, Thor…

The wind ensembles of Junglinster and Greiveldange are joining forces with Les Villageois de Contern, the youth choir of the Music Conservatory of the City of Luxembourg and the Muselfénkelcher of Grevenmacher to bring the music of iconic films back to life. The INECC has created a project choir for the occasion, which will be performing some of the most astonishing scores from the film music repertoire accompanied by 80 instrumentalists, who will be matched by an equal number of singers.


  • Premium 38 €
  • Cat. I 32 €
  • Cat. II 22 €
  • Cat. III 12 €
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  • Date Sunday 30.03.25
  • Time 17:00
  • Duration 90' including a break
  • Venue Grand Auditorium
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