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For kids and families

Our concert series and workshops designed for kids aged 0-17 make for unforgettable family moments.

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For schools and teachers

Our brand-new range of participatory projects and creative workshops designed for schools

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For adults

Widen your musical world thanks to our unusual concert formats.

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Digital Offer at the Philharmonie

Web concerts, musical offerings for children and interviews with musicians: the Philharmonie invites you to enjoy music whenever you like, thanks to our specially developed digital offer.

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Guided tours

Explore the building’s architecture and questions of programming, and of course guided tours also take you through the Grand Auditorium, the Salle de Musique de Chambre, the Espace Découverte and the foyer.

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Orchestre de la Place de l'Europe

Music-making depends on sharing, independent of the age and training of the people making music. This conviction inspired the Philharmonie Luxembourg to initiate the new amateur orchestra early this year, L’Orchestre de la Place de l’Europe. Conducted by Benjamin Schäfer, it unites almost 100 amateur musicians aged 18 and up.

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