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Familljefestival 2023/24

Themed festivals for the whole Family


A journey to faraway universes? Astonishing transformations? Or the wintry magic of yuletide, which never fades or palls? Music can conjure up almost anything. And at the Philharmonie, almost anything is possible…

A broad palette of offerings for listening and joining in, in almost all the Philharmonie’s spaces, invites the entire family to attend three themed family festivals and explore one subject through music: in October we travel to the stars; in December we celebrate Christmas, and in May we’re mesmerised by magic.

A range of different workshops inspire all age groups, regardless of the level of musical skill and prior knowledge. Some workshops are devoted to making and crafts, others to making music using one’s voice and body – everyone will find something to enjoy. The only thing you need to bring is your curiosity!

Concerts offer magical, interstellar or Christmassy classics, first discoveries and reencounters – Gustav Holst’s Planets are a good example – or the opportunity to attend a real world premiere – such as the children’s opera Peter Pan by Frank Schwemmer and Michael Frowin, written especially for this occasion. You might also want to hear an all-new version of a true Christmas classic – Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Of course there’s always plenty of music!

Newcomers to the fascinating world of music can look forward to magical encounters, and old hands can meet «familiar friends», for example Alva the Christmas elf, who braves new adventures with friends, or the KiKA presenter Juri Tetzlaff.

You can enjoy a full day amongst the pillars of the Philharmonie, or just drop in and sample the offerings.



Familljefestival «Univers»



Familljefestival «Chrëschtdag»



Familljefestival «Magie»