Bla e
Vogel» | Luxembourg Philharmonic

An illustration of a blue bird on a yellow background

«The Blue Bird» is a fairy tale about the pursuit of happiness. On a cold winter's night, two siblings set off on a wondrous journey. They encounter a fairy who asks them to save her gravely ill daughter. To save her life, they must find a mysterious Blue Bird... Without hesitation, the children decide to help and an unforgettable adventure begins. They explore a dreamlike world filled with surprises and witty characters, accompanied by the music of the composer of Hansel and Gretel, Engelbert Humperdinck. His works for theatre music were long thought to be lost before they were finally found, and conductor Steffen Tast adapted them specially for this production. The Luxembourg Philharmonic brings this unique story to life with the star presenter of the German TV channel "KiKA", Juri Tetzlaff.

We’ve got something similar coming up soon at the Philharmonie: