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Familljefestival «Univers» 07.–08.10.

Age: 0–106


The Education team takes a high-flying journey – literally. Entire families can lift off musically when concerts and workshops in all the Philharmonie’s spaces are dedicated to the cosmos. There will be an interstellar classic performed by a full symphony orchestra in the Grand Auditorium, but also sonic crafting projects inviting visitors to take part in the Foyer – the variety is huge, and knowledge and fun await listeners curious about the many means musicians have always employed – and still do – to imagine the sun, the moon and the stars (and how to get there). Anyone who stays on the ground this weekend will be missing out!


Highlights of your weekend


Musikalische Begegnungen im Weltall

Age: 6–106 years

Language: Auf Deutsch

«Reise um den Mond»

Musiktheater nach Motiven des gleichnamigen Romans von Jules Verne

Age: 9–12 years

Language: Auf Deutsch


Environmentally-conscious festivals
The Philharmonie Luxembourg is committed to building a sustainable future for the next generations. To achieve this goal, every gesture counts! That’s why we’ve decided to take a few special measures for the Familljefestival. We’ve optimised our lighting arrangements, reduced our volume of printed programmes and opted for reusable signage.


On your way
Ideally located and accessible by public transport the Philharmonie welcomes you and your family with open arms. For more information, read our FAQ here.