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1 Guided Tour, 1 Aperitif and 1 Concert

Outside of the Philharmonie Luxembourg by night
©: Alfonso Salgueiro

Discovery Nights return for another round!

The combination of aperitif and concert was a winning hand last season, a card the Philharmonie rarely played in the past, but is determined to make the most of this season. The Discovery Nights, presented in cooperation with Maison Moderne, offer evenings particularly rich in discoveries.

The idea behind it? First a guided tour of the building, then an intimate cocktail reception, and finally a concert. The Discovery Nights are a feast for the ears, the palate and the eyes. They offer both newbies and seasoned music lovers a chance to explore the Philharmonie’s backstage area and add an exciting social element to the evening. A brilliantly orchestrated score in three movements.


Your Discovery Night programme*

6:15 pm – Guided Tour of the Philharmonie

+ 7:00 pm – Apéro

+ 7:30 pm – Concert

* subject to available seating, one drink is included in the package price.

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Please register for the guided tour first; for practical reasons the registration form looks like a seating chart, in which you can simply click on any seat. After selecting the category (regular or discounted), please click on «Next Venue» at the bottom right of the form to reserve your seat for the concert at the Grand Auditorium. If you do not wish to make the selection yourself, just click on the button «Assign Best Available Seats».

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By phone

You can also book the package «An Evening Full of Discoveries» by phone, Monday to Friday between 10 am and 6:30 pm, by calling (+352) 26 32 26 32.

* subject to available seating, one drink is included in the package price.