Beyond Concerts

Sund ys
at the Phil

A concert in the Salle de Musique de Chambre

Improvisation duels, chamber music with aperitif, 1-1 with composers and commented concerts: if you’re looking to be casually lazing on a Sunday afternoon, the Philharmonie is showing you just the way. Short, social and ideally scheduled right before lunch or tea time, our ‘Sunday at the Phil’ programmes offer you a carefully-balanced mix of education and entertainment, of sound bites, food for thought and good vibes. What else do you need to get your week off to a seamless start?


Face-à-Face: Mozart

Les dimanches de Jean-François Zygel

A woman discovering the Foyer

Your first visit

Buying a ticket is all well and good... but how should I dress? When should I arrive? What can I eat? How do I get there? In short: where do I begin? Relax. We’ve got you covered!
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Outside of the Philharmonie Luxembourg by night

Getting here

Bus, tram, bike, car... All roads lead to the Philharmonie! On this page, we give you our special tips to travel smoothly and conviently.
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