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Niels Vind

Niels Vind

Niels Vind was born in Hjorring in the far north of Denmark in 1969. At the age of ten, he started in the local YMCA Brass band on the cornet. He started trumpet studies at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus and continued at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. Later he studies at North Western University in Chicago with Vincent Chicovitz; private studies with Arnold Jacobs and John Henes. Over the following years, Niels several times returned to Chicago in order to continue his studies with Arnold Jacobs. From 1992, co-principal position in the Royal Danish Orchestra. Same year, member of the Royal Danish Brass Ensemble. In summer 2000, he was appointed co-principal with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. Returned to his position with the Royal Danish Orchestra one year later. Member of the Luxembourg Philharmonic since January 2006. Married to Nana; together they have two children.

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