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Leo Halsdorf


Leo Halsdorf was born in 1979 in Luxembourg. He started to play the horn at the age of ten in Marc Bouchard’s class at the Luxembourg Conservatory. In 2001 he gave up his maths studies to focus on his passion, music. He started to study music in Maastricht with Prof. Erich Penzel, and after graduating, continued advanced studies in Stuttgart with Prof. Christian Lampert. After just one year of studies, he obtained his first job, with the Aachen Symphony Orchestra, and was later hired as associate principal horn at the Bavarian State Orchestra. He switched to the same position in the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra and was hired one year later as principal horn of the Hamburg State Opera. From 2006 to 2012, he was principal horn of the Düsseldorf Symphonic Orchestra. In October 2012, he returned to Luxembourg, where he plays as principal horn with the OPL.

Photo: Eric Chenal Photo: Eric Chenal