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photo: Eric Chenal photo: Eric Chenal

PhilaPhil’s commitments

Your involvement supports the raison d’être of the Philharmonie: musical excellence and access to music for all.

Bringing music to young audiences
PhilaPhil helps us to cultivate enthusiasm for music among young audiences thanks to innovative programmes and numerous outreach projects throughout the country.

Promote the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg
PhilaPhil supports the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg (OPL) in its pursuit of excellence and encourages new concert formats in Luxembourg and tours abroad.

Foster young talents and music creation
PhilaPhil supports young artists and invites composers, musicians and audiences to join in a dialogue and discuss work in progress.

How is your donation used?

With a donation of…
… € 60 you enable one of our OPL musicians to travel and present a school workshop.
… € 100 you enable one student from the Conservatoire to join our Orchestra Training Academy, which offers professional guidance, preparatory sessions with OPL section leaders and rehearsals led by Gustavo Gimeno.
… € 700 you enable ten children to join the «Orchestermaus» programme’s introductory workshops to music for the very young.
… € 1,000 you enable four young musicians to join our «Music Education Academy», a five-day seminar on music mediation.
… € 3,400 you contribute to the commissioning of a new work by a young composer.
… € 5,000 you finance a tour of the greatest concert halls in Europe by the Rising star nominated by Philharmonie Luxembourg.