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In order to continue to offer high-quality programming with outstanding artists, the Philharmonie, like every cultural institutions, depends on private partnerships. As a company, you can organize prestigious customer events in an exceptional setting while supporting the cultural life in Luxembourg.
We have arranged different sponsorship levels, adaptable to your personal needs.

You could be:

  • Member of PhilaPhil

    Be part of PhilaPhil, the circle that offers opportunities to meet with our artists and team, to discuss our work and to help shape our projects in the making. Learn more!

  • Official sponsor of the hall

    Creation of a very strong link between the Philharmonie and the sponsor. This partnership should be used by both parties as a communication tool. Allows the partner to take advantage of the aura of the hall as well as of a world class programme. Gives the partner the opportunity to use the hall's logo and corporate identity for communication purposes. Partners are associated in all media and PR campaigns of the hall.

  • Sponsor of a prestigious concert

    Choose between a concert with a world-renowned orchestra making a stop in Luxembourg or a concert with the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg, making it possible to create tailor-made programmes. Use the event for a very strong PR event. Enjoy the possibility to be associated to the exceptional architecture, the great acoustics and the prestigious programme of the evening.

  • Sponsor of a specific programme

    Get associated all year long to a series of events organized by the Philharmonie, like the children's concerts, the «Backstage» events or the «Chill at the Phil» series.

  • Sponsor of one of the OPL’s international tours

    An international tour allows an association with Luxembourg's cultural ambassador, the OPL. As a sponsor, you have the possibility to accompany the tour, to take a seat in prestigious concert halls abroads, be part of receptions in unique places...

You could also take advantage of a PackPremium. A PackPremium allows you to invite your business relations in a more private, closed setting to discuss and enjoy music in a sophisticated atmosphere. We take care of the whole event, you simply have to enjoy the company of your guests!