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The Philharmonie’s success and prestige rely among other things on the contribution made by all its many loyal and passionate partners. In common with all cultural institutions, we rely heavily on sponsoring to be able to invite leading musicians and guarantee the outstanding quality of our programme.

The Philharmonie offers you a chance to lend your support to Luxembourg’s cultural landscape while at the same time benefitting from the image transfer associated with one of Europe’s most prestigious concert halls. With its elegant architecture, the Philharmonie provides a wonderful setting and when combined with an extraordinary concert this is bound to make your reception an unforgettable event.

The Philharmonie can offer you a range of partnership offers : concert sponsoring, the PhilaPhil Corporate circle as well as our PackPremium offer. Our range of offers is flexible and can be tailored to meet your requirements.



Prestigious receptions and image transfer

  • Concert hall official sponsor

    An extraordinary opportunity for you to be fully identified with the Philharmonie in all its publications over several seasons. By featuring in the hall, the press, on our website and all our marketing materials, you will enjoy a higher profile with a target public of economic decision-makers. And our premises will be available to you to organise prestigious public relations events.

  • Sponsor a prestigious concert

    By sponsoring a specific concert, you choose which evening you want to make your special evening. You can reap the benefits when a world-famous orchestra comes to play in Luxembourg or be associated with one of the concerts performed by the Luxembourg Philharmonic. Each evening is entirely bespoke in line with your wishes. An event of this kind allows you to invite your business contacts so that together you can enjoy an unforgettable experience with them here in the Philharmonie.

  • Sponsor a concert cycle

    By becoming a partner for a concert cycle, you will have a presence throughout the year at the various concerts for the series of events you choose. Each cycle embodies a unique concept with which you can be associated for the whole season : midday music with the Lunch Concerts, a week’s immersion in Portuguese music with Festival atlântico, an informal excursion into the world of the orchestra with Heure de pointe, an unusual and innovative concept with Urban as well as support for talented youngsters with Rising Stars.

  • Sponsor an Luxembourg Philharmonic tour abroad

    Supporting the Luxembourg Philharmonic on a tour abroad is the best possible way of helping to be a cultural ambassador for Luxembourg on the international scene. You will have the chance of going to some outstanding concerts in highly prestigious concert halls and of holding receptions in amazing venues. With our musicians, you will experience what it is like to be on tour!


PhilaPhil Corporate

The Philharmonie’s sponsors club

  • PhilaPhil Member

    Our PhilaPhil Corporate circle is comprised of music-loving companies, economic players of various sizes and a range of different industry sectors, as well as music enthusiasts all wanting to support a shared project and the work carried out across the country. Come and meet the artists and teams and talk with them about our forthcoming projects and works. You will find further details here.



A VIP concert evening in small groups

  • PackPremium

    Come and enjoy a uniquely special time during a PackPremium concert evening. With this complete package you can offer your clients and employees a VIP service and share a really convivial time with them here in the Philharmonie. We will be there with you throughout the whole evening to make sure that you enjoy an unforgettable experience. To find out more about these privileges, download our brochure.



To help you choose a project to fit your image, our Business Development Manager Marie Caillet is available to guide you. Please contact her either by telephone on (+352) 26 02 27 920 or by e-mail.