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Tugan Sokhiev

«Prokofiev & Shostakovich: Boundary-breakers»

24.05.2024 19:30,

Grand Auditorium

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Luxembourg Philharmonic
Tugan Sokhiev direction
Haochen Zhang piano

Sergueï Prokofiev: Concerto pour piano et orchestre N° 2
Dmitri Chostakovitch: Symphonie N° 10

Prokofiev’s Piano Concerto N° 2 is one of the most challenging in the repertoire and caused a scandal at its premiere due to its wild inventiveness. It is paired with Shostakovich’s dramatic Symphony N° 10 – allegedly a depiction of the terrors of Stalinist Russia. Come and hear the Luxembourg Philharmonic perform these works with brilliant young pianist Haochen Zhang and internationally renowned conductor Tugan Sokhiev.

Trier–Philharmonie Luxembourg

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