«Rät elrallye»
/ «Une course de devinettes»

Entrée des Artistes

What you'll hear and see

The artists

  • Véronique Cloos comédie (Maestra), animation
  • Ana Maria Tzekov concept
  • Katherina Heubusch concept
The Philharmonie’s themed tours provide a perfect illustration of the lively and varied ways in which music can be experienced and organised. The musicians and staff of the Philharmonie offer a fascinating insight into the different areas of work within a concert hall, and during the tour this can sometimes come in very handy! Why does culture need to be managed, and how can these two worlds be brought together? What really goes on behind the scenes? How do you become a musician, and what challenges do members of the technical team face? What can we learn from the organ, the «king of instruments»? By offering this opportunity to venture backstage, the Philharmonie is providing us with a glimpse into the fascinating world of culture. A tour full of riddles: as we set out to discover the Philharmonie, we shall encounter all sorts of secrets to unlock and riddles to solve. Who knows how a concert comes about and what the music is telling us? This fascinating guided tour takes us behind the scenes, on the lookout for musical clues that will lead us from one stage of our adventure to the next.


Free admission


  • Date Wednesday 05.06.24
  • Time 09:00
  • Duration 60
  • Language In Luxembourgish
  • Venue Entrée des Artistes
  • Recommended age 5–8 years
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