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The Philharmonie's civic orchestra has been opening hearts and minds to the beauty of music since 2022

The Orchestre Place de l'Europe on the Grand Auditorium's stage
©: Alfonso Salgueiro

The raison d’être of this growing community of 110 amateur musicians?

Joy and togetherness. Since its inception, the orchestra has already brought audiences to emotional highs under the enthusiastic direction of Benjamin Schäfer.

From the stage of the Grand Auditorium to the friendly atmosphere of the rehearsals, the Orchestre Place de l'Europe continues to remain faithful to its mission this season: opening hearts and minds to the joy of music. So, see you on at the Philharmonie for the orchestra’s next concert, seated in the audience… or on stage yourself!

Who conducts the orchestra?

Benjamin Schäfer has been serving at the Orchestre Place de l'Europe's music director form the get-go! The percussionist of the Luxembourg Philharmonic likes to trade his timpani mallets for the conductor’s baton, and love working with non-professional musicians.

What kind of music does the orchestra play?

All sorts! Over the past couple seasons, the musicians have embraced a multi-faceted repertoire ranging from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to Dmitri Shostakovich, including Antonín Dvořák, Claude Debussy, Modest Mussorgsky, contemporary music and more.

When can you see the orchestra perform?

The Orchestre Place de l'Europe typically performs one big project a year at the Philharmonie. A Grand Auditorium filled to the brim, a zesty programme of classical hits, a cheerful ambiance from start to finish... it's definitely not to be missed! Watch this space or check out our Musical Diary for more information.

Rehersal of the Orchestre Place de l'Europe

Can I join the orchestra?

The orchestra is always looking for new musicians. We look forward to your application! To be considered, you'll to record yourself playing a pre-selected extract. Find out more about the audition process below.
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Benjamin Schäfer conducting the Orchestre Place de l'Europe

What’s a concert with the orchestra like?

We've put together this medley of highlights from the orchestra's debut concert, featuring Antonin Dvořák's epic Symphony N° 9, «From the New World».