«Somewhere between
J zz
and Electronics»

Espace Découverte

What you'll hear and see

The artists

  • Julien Cuvelier saxophone
  • Arthur Possing piano
  • Jérôme Klein percussion
  • Laurent Peckels bass
  • Participants of the workshop «Join a Band!»

Who says you need to be a pro to start a band?

Since May, a group of teens and young adults aged 14 to 21 have been meeting up with Luxembourgish jazz musicians on a regular basis, learning the tricks of the trade. They are now ready to take to the stage and share their groove with you! Come and cheer these budding talents at the Philharmonie on 19.06.

In cooperation with Rocklab


  • Free seating 15 €
Kulturpass welcome
The ticket sale takes place through another website.


  • Date Wednesday 19.06.24
  • Time 19:30
  • Duration 60' no break
  • Language Without words
  • Venue Espace Découverte
  • Recommended age >12 years
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