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The Philharmonie’s résonances programme follows the principle that there are many ways into music: through conversations with artists and composers, films, talks, comparisons between interpretations, focus days, and more. résonances offers your ears ingenious and entertaining stimulation.

Artist talks Artists and composers in conversation, offering artistic and personal insights.

Lectures Stimulating and interesting fare related to the concert programme, served up on a silver tray in talks by well-known experts.

Comparisons between interpretations One and the same work can sound totally different in the hands of different artists. Specialists discuss questions of interpretation with passion and expertise – music criticism live.

Films Artist portraits, documentaries, concert recordings: the world of music has long since conquered with world of film.

Focus days For anyone interested in immersing themselves more deeply in a period or in the work of a composer, the Philharmonie presents focus days with eminent music experts. All you need is to be interested in and enthusiastic about music – no previous experience necessary!


There is a résonances event linked to this concert.

Admission to all résonances events is free.