What if Mozart became your new yoga buddy?

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Have you ever considered that the composers you know and love could make great yoga buddies? How does it feel to be all alone on stage with a piano and why is it much nicer to record an album in an empty auditorium than in a studio? 
We caught up with Cathy Krier, the Luxemburgish pianist who’s been hitting classical charts since the release of her debut album in 2013. In this enlightening conversation, she brings us to rethink the stage beyond traditional setups and shows us that a concert hall is in fact not just meant for concerts! From yoga workshops to recording sessions, it is a multifaceted space that keeps moving and transforming. In the second part of the show Co-hosts Josh and Eva unpack a musical selection that is just as energising as a sun salutation! 

We’ve got something similar coming up soon at the Philharmonie: