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by Eva Klein
Philharmonie Luxembourg saison 2023/24 visual: New season. New Look

Guided by this powerful mission statement, the Philharmonie Luxembourg undergoes a game-changing makeover this 2023/24 season, aligned with its key strategic objective: appealing to a broader audience whilst also continuing to foster artistic diversity and excellence.

From the design of its evening programmes to its subscription and sponsorship offerings, down to its very logo, the cultural institution embraces a fresh, contemporary and youthful feel for the 21st century.

With this refurbished look and new voice, the Philharmonie seeks to challenge the enduring stereotype by which music (particularly classical and jazz) is a complex artform meant to be consumed only by an educated elite, demonstrating instead that the sensorial and emotional experience of a live concert is in fact accessible to all. With a graphic and editorial apparatus that exudes warmth, openness and energy whilst also paying tribute to Christian de Portzamparc’s architectural masterpiece, the Philharmonie hopes to invite a new generation of curious minds to push its doors whilst continuing to nurture its existing audience

In that sense, the 2023/24 identity renewal is to be understood as a new chapter in the continuity of the institution’s history rather than a break away from the past. Ever since its first season in 2005/2006, and even long before that if one goes back to the Luxembourg Philharmonic’s origins as a radio orchestra, the concert hall and its resident orchestra have sought to make the beauty of music accessible to the greater number. The Philharmonie has always proudly affirmed its commitment to universality and will continue to do so even more impactfully under its new identity.

  • "Boring" tram campaign
  • Season 2023/24 Tram Campaign
  • Season 2023/24 Tram Campaign
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  • Papillons written in the new Kids' Phil design
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  • Example of social media posts
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