Quart t

Pushing boundaries
Salle de Musique de Chambre
Musicians of the Belcea Quartet posing in a garden
©: Maurice Haas

What you'll hear and see

The music

  • Arnold Schönberg Streichquartett op. 7/1
  • Ludwig van Beethoven Streichquartett op. 131

The artists

  • Belcea Quartet
  • Corina Belcea violon
  • Suyeon Kang violon
  • Krzysztof Chorzelski viola
  • Antoine Lederlin cello

Happy birthday to the Belcea Quartet!

Indeed, this season marks the thirtieth anniversary of a quartet renowned for the excellence of its interpretations and the diversity of its collaborations. Its programme juxtaposes two pieces that have the particularity of being performed as a single whole: Arnold Schönberg’s Quartet N° 1, a score from the early 20th century performed for the first time at the Philharmonie, and Ludwig van Beethoven’s Quartet op. 131, a masterpiece of audacity and modernity.