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at the Phil

Yoga at the Phil

Listening to a chamber music recital whilst also stretching on a yoga mat? Challenge accepted! Since 2021, the internationally-acclaimed Luxemburgish pianist Cathy Krier has been working with the Philharmonie to create unique moments where music and yoga meet, thus offering participants a holistic sensorial experience. From the relaxing power of the yin school to the invigorating vinyasa style, beginners and seasoned masters alike will find their flow, guided by a certified instructor and Cathy’s expert musical touch. This season, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Eric Satie, Francis Poulenc and Sergei Prokofiev are set to be your new yoga buddies. Namaste!

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Midday Mixes

Open rehearsals, relaxed baroque recitals, workshops: the midday programme we’ve compiled for this season is as eclectic as a good old mixtape!
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My First Visit

Buying a ticket is all well and good… but how should I dress? When should I arrive? What can I eat? How do I get there? In short: where do I begin? Relax. We’ve got you covered!
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