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The Philharmonie doesn't just come alive when the lights go out. All year round, various musical moments also happen around lunchtime, that time of the day when the sun reaches its zenith and you find yourself needing an extra kick... The midday programme we’ve compiled for this season is as eclectic as a good old mixtape! Baroque highlights resurrecting ancient instruments such as the harpsichord and the luth, orchestral surprises with the Luxembourg Philharmonic, cosy yoga sessions with live piano or blues music improvised by the multi-instrumentist Martina Menichetti (and yourself, if you dare!): lunch breaks never felt so great.

Yoga at the Phil

Yoga at the Phil

Listening to a chamber music recital whilst also stretching on a yoga mat? Challenge accepted! Discover our midday and evening yoga sessions.
Outside of the Philharmonie Luxembourg by night

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Bus, tram, bike, car... All roads lead to the Philharmonie! On this page, we give you our special tips to travel smoothly and conviently.
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