Debussy | la mer

Luxembourg Philharmonic, Gustavo Gimeno

Debussy La mer CD Cover

Released in the year of Claude Debussy’s death centenary, this album demonstrates the exceptional harmonic and colouristic richness of his music. Centrepiece of the album is La Mer (1903-1905), a musical realization of the composer’s “sincere devotion to the sea” that revolutionized orchestral composition in the early twentieth-century. Ibéria takes the listener on a trip to Spain, whereas the Six Épigraphes antiques (1914), here performed in the orchestration of Rudolf Escher, evoke ancient Greece and Egypt. The biggest novelty on this album is Colin Matthews’ new, lush orchestration of Images. Book 1 (1901-1905), one of Debussy’s most-cherished piano works.

Luxembourg Philharmonic
Gustavo Gimeno

La Mer Ibéria Images. Premier Livre (orch. Colin Matthews) Six Épigraphes antiques (orch. Rudolf Escher)

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