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A festival full of the sounds and colours of summer, atlântico returns for the third year running, as the Philharmonie once again devotes a week to the music of Portuguese-speaking countries. Not only is this a chance to explore a rich variety of musical traditions, it’s a way of celebrating the presence of people from these countries in Luxembourg, where they make up a significant proportion of the population.

As we welcome artists who hail from different countries but share a single language, with all its wealth of different accents and dialects, we invite you to join us as we embark on a voyage of discovery. A journey through history, geography and music, reflecting the genres born from or transformed by what were often painful encounters between people on the two sides of the Atlantic – genres of which Brazilian samba, Cape Verdean morna and Portuguese fado are but the most recognisable examples.

So, come aboard and let yourself be carried away by Aline Frazão, one of the most extraordinary young vocalists to come out of Angola; by the words and music of Vitor Ramil, a poet and musician from the southernmost region of Brazil who blends Portuguese and Spanish elements with the utmost naturalness; by the artistry of the remarkable Portuguese singer Cristina Branco, whose music lies somewhere between the traditional and the modern; by the irreverent jazz of João Barradas, a rising star on the international scene; and by the flavours and dance music of Cape Verde, a country which will be at the heart of one very special evening.

Festival Program

Festival Passepartout

Tickets & Festival passe-partout atlântico
sauf événements jeune public et familles

Catégorie I 135 € (<27 ans 90 €)
Catégorie II 115 € (<27 ans 80 €)
Catégorie III 100 € (<27 ans 65 €)

The atlântico festival pass and the tickets for all the events of the festival are available from 10.07.2018.

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