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The catchword «atlântico» makes returning from summer break sound not half as bad, evoking the sea, the beach and wonderful weather. For a fourth edition, the festival focuses on the rich musical tradition of the Portuguese-speaking world, extending those long summer nights until the end of September.

Pulsating sounds and fiery rhythms thus hold sway again at the Philharmonie, breaking ground for a one-week festival that pays tribute to the fruitful meeting of cultures and the building of bridges between Lusophone peoples. Luxembourg too is part of the symbolic and geographic realm of Lusophony, offering a platform for new discoveries and fascinating musical experiences during the festival.

Whether the incomparable star fadista Ana Moura or the legendary Angolan musician Bonga let their voices soar, whether Sérgio Godinho sings his songs of rebellion or Selma Uamusse from Mozambique embodies both tradition and contemporariness in her highly virtuoso way: this ocean of a festival is a beautiful wave for everyone to ride!

Festival Passepartout


The tickets for all the events of the festival are available from 10.07.2019.
Buy two concert tickets and get a third for free.

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