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Fräiraim Festival

Philharmonie Luxembourg

In terms of square kilometres and inhabitants, Luxembourg is not among the European giants. By  comparison, however, the country’s cultural diversity is uniquely high. The music scene is no exception. Ever since the concert hall was founded, that diverse scene has been at home in the Philharmonie, and it is by no means limited to the series «Fräiraim», which features only artists from the greater Luxembourg region, both professional and amateur – in the best sense of the word – and has done so for the past 15 years! The Philharmonie celebrates its anniversary in June 2020 with a Fräiraim festival full of musical highlights on all the stages of the house and also on the Place de l’Europe. Whether figureheads such as the Luxembourgish songwriter Serge Tonnar or the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg conducted by Pierre Cao in a programme featuring only works by composers from Luxembourg or young artists performing across all genres from jazz to hip-hop and heavy metal to flamenco you may look forward to encounters that guarantee musical fireworks. And last but not least, there will be the traditional bands, wind orchestras and fanfares without which such a feast would be unthinkable. Can you imagine a better stage for a summit meeting of musical cultures than pluricultural Luxembourg?

26.–28.06.2020 Fräiraim Festival

Léif Museker a Museksfrënn,

d'nächst Joer feiert d'Philharmonie hire 15. Anniversaire a stellt hir Bühnen ee Weekend laang alle Museker aus Lëtzebuerg zur Verfügung. Egal, wéi e Genre oder Niveau, eleng oder an der Grupp, jiddereen ass wëllkomm! Mellt iech elo fir är Plaz beim Fräiraim-Festival am Juni 2020.

Fir eng richteg gelonge Gebuertsdagsfeier wënsche mir eis en Line-Up esou ofwiesslungsräich an ouni Grenze wéi d'Musek- a Kulturzeen zu Lëtzebuerg: mat Garage Bands a Jodelgruppen, Museksveräiner a Flamencodänzer, Pianisten a Sänger, Hip-Hopper an Didgeridoo-Spiller, Sträichquartett a Metal Bands, DJen a Singer-Songwriter – alles ass méiglech!

Feelt äre Projet an dëser Opzielung? Wëllt dir mat dobäi sinn? Loosst eis et wëssen a schéckt eis bis Enn Januar är Kandidatur!

Mellt iech hei mat enger kuerzer Beschreiwung vun ärem Projet an notzt d'Geleeënheet, Kontakter ze knëppen – hannert der Bühn mat anere Museker, an op der Bühn mat dem Lëtzebuergesche Public.

Mir freeën eis op iech!

Serge Schonckert (Responsabele Fräiraim Festival) an d'Equipe vun der Philharmonie


Dear Musicians and Music Lovers!

This coming year, the Philharmonie celebrates its 15thbirthday and opens its doors and stages to all musicians in Luxembourg for an entire weekend. No matter which genre or level, playing solo or as a group – everyone is welcome! Apply now for your spot at the Fräiraim Festival in June 2020.

For a really successful birthday party, we hope to assemble a line-up which is as colourful and unlimited or wide ranging or boundary free as the music and cultural scene in Luxembourg itself: with garage bands and yodelling groups, marching bands and flamenco dancers, pianists and singers, hip-hoppers and didgeridoo players, string quartets and metal bands, DJs and singer-songwriters – everything is possible!

Is your project missing from this list? Would you like to join the party? Let us know, and submit your application by the end of January!

Please apply by completing this form with a short description of your project and use this opportunity to make contact; both backstage with other musicians and on stage with the Luxembourg audience!

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Serge Schonckert (in charge of Fräiraim-Festival) and the Philharmonie Team


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