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«Luxembourg Composition Academy by Lucilin»

talk / presentation: Introducing the composers and mentors of this academy

16.11.2023 17:00,

Salle de Musique de Chambre

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Annea Lockwood, Florence Martin conversation
(United Instruments of Lucilin)
Catherine Kontz modération

Duration: 45’

Catherine Kontz, Florence Martin (Lucilin) and Annea Lockwood present the eight composers selected for the eighth edition of the Luxembourg Composition Academy, where they are mentored by Annea Lockwood and Ed Bennett. A project of United Instruments of Lucilin in cooperation with neimënster and the festival rainy days.

Coproduction neimënster et United Instruments of Lucilin


Pass à la journée / Tagespass / day pass: 16.11.: 15 € (<30 ans: 9 €)
Pass pour l’ensemble du festival / Festivalpass / festival pass (4 jours / Tage / days): 55 € (<30 ans: 33 €)

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