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Midi baroque | photo: Sébastien Grébille Midi baroque | photo: Sébastien Grébille

Activities for adults

The Philharmonie Luxembourg and the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg have plenty of concerts and activities for kids. But music education is just as important for our adult audience. Discover our various concert formats and experience music differently.

All Paths Lead to Music

«Everything you always wanted to know about music, but were afraid to ask» – formats that don’t only reveal the secrets behind notes and sounds, but also answer many a question and tell all sorts of stories to make the listening experience even more joyful. Journeys of discovery through music history and different musical cultures are part of the raison d’être of the Philharmonie and they can lead us in all manner of directions.

«Face-à-Face» gives the audience a chance to explore the composer Robert Schumann and various facets of his life and work this season. Recreating the stimulating atmosphere of a musical salon, with commentary in English, the musical worlds of this romantic composer unfold in all their sensuality and ambiguity. The Philharmonie regularly serves up baroque delicacies at lunchtime («Midis baroques»): from the harpsichord, Anne-Catherine Bucher offers insights into the music of Bach and his contemporaries. Rolando Villazón («Rolando raconte… ») and Jean-François Zygel («Les dimanches de Jean-François Zygel»), both noted for their creativity, charm and virtuosity, expertly arouse and fulfil their listeners’ curiosity, choosing a wide range of subjects and illuminating them through narration and performance. The Philharmonie’s «résonances» programme follows the maxim that there are infinite paths leading us to music, and in that spirit it features conversations with artists, lectures and film screenings to complement a broad selection of concerts. Finally all those who want to delve deeper into an epoch or the oeuvre of a particular composer are invited to themed afternoons, the «Study days», when experts explore a specific topic with a circle of interested listeners.



Before or after many concerts at the Philharmonie, there is an opportunity to learn more about the performers, the programme, an instrument, or other interesting people, things, and stories.

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Rolando raconte...

When Rolando Villazón recounts music history, he makes it sound as enchanting as a fairy-tale. Together with the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg and vocal and instrumental soloists, the world-famous tenor artfully presents moderated concerts – in French.

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Midis baroques

While lunch is served elsewhere, the harpsichordist Anne-Catherine Bucher invites listeners to her musical salon, where she (and you!) will be joined by instrumentalists of the ensemble Le Concert Lorrain. Over the course of 50 minutes, she dives headlong into the world of baroque music – always in close contact to the listeners. Lunch is available in the Foyer for those who are still hungry afterwards.

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