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Phoebe Rousochatzaki

Second violins - Academy
Phoebe Rousochatzaki, violin

Phoebe Rousochatzaki was born in Greece in 1999. She began taking violin lessons at the age of six and officially began studying with the Greek violin teacher Apollon Grammatikopoulos at the Athens Conservatory. She then enrolled at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, where she studied with Joseph Puglia and Walter Reiter (baroque violin) and received her Bachelor of Music degree in 2022. She is currently pursuing her Master of Music degree. Phoebe Rousochatzaki has received numerous prizes and distinctions during her studies. She was the recipient of the Ismini Karter Violin Scholarship in 2019. She was a member of the Academy of Young Musicians of the Athens State Orchestra for the period 2018–2020. She has been invited to perform at international festivals (alone and with her string quartet, Loksias) such as the Orlando Festival in Kerkrade in 2022 (where the premiere of Sam Wamper’s string quartet Portrait of Time was performed), the 2022 Aurora Festival in Groningen (where she won the Labberté-Hoedemakerprijzen), the Sion Festival and Old Ox. In March 2022, she performed Beethoven Triple Concerto with the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century and Jonathan Cohen, playing a 1743 Camillo Camilli violin provided by the Jumpstart Jr. Foundation. She is grateful to the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague for awarding her final bachelor recital with a Sartory bow. Phoebe Rousochatzaki also holds a degree in theoretical physics from the National Technical University in Athens. She became a member of the Luxembourg Philharmonic Academy in January 2023.

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