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«Niederanven Sings»

24.02.2024 19:30,

Salle de Musique de Chambre

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Chorale Sainte Cécile Hostert
Jubilate Musica
Concordia The Voices
The Band
Jean Schumacher, Jorge Alves, Sarah Wolter direction de chœur
Philipp Schneider flûte
Ruben Dorneanu violon
Stefan Dorneanu piano

Œuvres chorales

Young at heart though it remains, the Sainte Cécile Choir in Hostert has just turned 150! To celebrate this milestone, they are joined by two other choirs in Niederanven – Jubilate Musica and Concordia The Voices. From classical to pop, including madrigals, jazz, folk songs and church music, the three communities come together to express their shared passion for singing, regardless of genre or era. Each choir will showcase their favourite pieces before joining the other two in an exciting combined performance. Get ready for a whistle-stop tour through 1000 years of choral music!


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