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2023/24 Subscription Series

As it does every year, the Philharmonie team has selected the most emblematic concerts from its programme according to different themes, from chamber music to cinema and free jazz.

With a subscription you will be able to enjoy numerous advantages, including discounts, priority access to the ticket office and a more relaxed cancellation policy.

  • Philharmonie Subscriptions

    - +15% discount on regular ticket prices
    - Cancel your tickets for one concert (until 48 hours before the concert) in your subscription and receive a voucher valid for 2 years in exchange.
    - Guaranteed tickets for concerts before the official start of sales
    - 40% discount for those aged under 30
    - Priority renewal each season

  • 40% Discount (<30 Years)

    There is a discount of 40% on the subscription price for all subscribers aged under 30 (excepting series for young audiences).

  • How to subscribe and renew your subscription?

    Our subscriptions for the 2023/24 season are on sale from 11.05.2023.

    Once completed, please return your subscription form by post or by e-mail to abos@philharmonie.lu. New applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis after the closing date of the 2022/23 subscription renewal period.

    If you are already a subscriber, your seats will be guaranteed until 05.06.2023. Your renewal form or subscription change request must be sent to us before this date.

    Please also note that our subscriptions have changed this season!

    Subscription Form

  • New subscription names

    2022/23 | 2023/24

    Grands rendez-vous | Luxembourg Philharmonic

    Aventure+ | Philharmonic Perspectives

    Grands orchestres | Orchestres étoiles

    Grands solistes | Solistes étoiles

    Grands chefs | Maestri

    Grands classiques | Les Classiques

    Récital de piano | Piano

    Récital vocal | Liederabend

    Soirées de musique de chambre | Musique de chambre

    Quatuor à cordes | String Quartets

    Musiques d’aujourd'hui | Lucilin: Now!

    Amis de l’OPL | Concerts-apéritif

    Face-à-Face: Mendelssohn | Encounters with Beethoven

    Loopino (3–5 ans) | Loopino (FR, 3–5 ans)

    Loopino (3–5 Joer) | Loopino (LU, 3–5 Joer)

    Musek erzielt (4–8 Joer) | Musikalesch Aventuren (LU, 4–8 Joer)

    Philou F (5–9 ans) | Philou (FR, 5–9ans)

    Philou D (5–9 Jahre) | Philou (DE, 5–9 Jahre)

    Familles (6–106 Jahre) | Familles (DE, 6–106 Jahre)

    Miouzik F (9–12 ans) | Miouzik (FR, 9–12 ans)

    Miouzik D (9–12 Jahre) | Miouzik (DE, 9–12 Jahre)

  • Vouchers

    You may use any credit on your customer account or any vouchers you may have to pay for your subscriptions.
    The balance of your account will be deducted automatically for the payment of subscription.

  • General Sales Conditions

    Every subscription order is based on the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions available on: https://www.philharmonie.lu/media/content/download/documents/AGB_EN.pdf

    Stay up to date about possible changes to opening hours, prices or on-sale dates by consulting our website. This page is updated on a daily basis.

Orchestra, Recitals & Chamber Music