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festival rainy days 2023



The festival rainy days presents a kaleidoscope dedicated to «Memory» under the artistic leadership of Catherine Kontz.

You don’t have to be a passionate player of card-matching games to know how memory can deceive us. And yet – or perhaps for that very reason – it is our memory that shapes us as individuals, making the exchange or transfer of memories essential for society and its development. Indeed discussions around memory and memories have recently been picked up by many academic disciplines, especially the social sciences. According to medical and psychological research, the arts and the way they are received by the public would be unthinkable without our capacities for memory. No wonder that memory itself has become an increasingly important focus for the arts. Could there be a better theme for the first edition of the festival rainy days under the leadership of composer Catherine Kontz?

A kaleidoscopic exploration of the theme invites the audience to experience contemporary music in its entire breadth between 16 and 19 November. All the Philharmonie’s venues will open up, allowing resounding histories, personal stories, fragmented recollections and tattered reminiscences to communicate and relate to one another. From artists who have reached iconic status, such as Morton Feldman and Christian Wolff, to a broad range of young composers, the programme includes both traditional musical instruments as well as tape machines and fog horns, conventionally notated music and improvisation. The festival’s Sunday offerings are specially designed for adventurous families.

Four days of new music featuring a multitude of insights and perspectives and different compact formats – appealing to experts and also to those who are simply curious and would like a first taste of what is happening in the world of musical creation – aesthetic experiences for the here and now, as well as nourishment for your own personal memory!


Day Pass:

16.11.: 15 € (<30 years: 9 €): Tickets
17.11.: 15 € (<30 years: 9 €): Tickets
18.11.: 20 € (<30 years: 12 €): Tickets
19.11.: 20 € (<30 years: 12 €) (except concert 19.11. 20:00 Laurie Anderson): Tickets

Festival Pass (4 days): 55 € (<30 years: 33 €) - includes Laurie Anderson's concert in cat. 1: Tickets

The passes entitle holders to attend all the events on the days indicated on the pass. They must be shown when entering the Philharmonie. Seating is general (depending on venue capacities).

Please note that the composition workshops «Hören – Verklingen – Erinnern» and «Martina’s Music Box» are not included in your rainy days Festival Pass. 


Book a pass online: If the page does not display correctly, please use the Refresh function of your browser.

Festival rainy days presents:

Hyoid Voices, Luxembourg Philharmonic, Vivi Vassileva, Gëlle Fraen, David Wilfred, Sunny Kim, Peter Knight, Aviva Endean, Catherine Kontz, Henri Växby, Ars Nova Lux, Architek Percussion, Aki Takahashi, Frin Wolter, Ulric Berg, Sarah Washington, Knut Aufermann, Gerry Cornelius, Angharad Davies, Tim Parkinson, United Instruments of Lucilin, Langham Research Center, Ictus, Musici Ireland, Trio WAS, Jace Clayton, Noise Watchers, Seldom Scene Cinema, Milla Trausch, Owen Spafford…


Featuring premieres and works by

Errollyn Wallen, Maija Hynninen, Christopher Trapani, Marco Pütz, Yoshi Wada, Owen Spafford, Sophie Balbeur, Annea Lockwood, Albena Petrovic, Bushra El’Turk, Sophie Lacaze, Sabrina Schroeder, Catherine Kontz, Emily Doolittle, Nik Bohnenberger, Morton Feldman, Christian Wolff, Joanna Bailie, Camille Kerger, Linda Buckley, Alvin Lucier, Jalalu Kalvert-Nelson, Roby Steinmetzer, Juhani Vesikkala, Ivan Boumans…

rainy days' programme

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