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less is more – rainy days 2019

Festival Program

The festival rainy days explores reduction in contemporary music and focuses on the essential: «less is more».

To limit oneself in order to achieve something greater: this idea is gaining ever more importance in a society of excessive consumerism that yet longs for reduction (#decluttering). In the face of climate change, responsible behavior is increasingly associated with restraint. In the arts, reduction has a long history. Musically, it can assume many different points of focus: a single idea, a particular principle, a solo instrument, minimal means, graphic notation or limited material such as a single note, gesture or playing technique.

In 18 concerts, installations and performances, as well as conversations with artists and a musicological conference, you are invited to discover how reduction can sound and how artistically fruitful it can be: the first collaboration of minimal music pioneer Steve Reich and painter Gerhard Richter. Animated films and music as political statements. The starkly reduced staging of Abstract Pieces. Silences pierced by isolated tones. Drone music stretched over extended timescales. Surprising strategies of reduction from music history. A children’s concert in the dark. Minimal turns into maximal.

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rainy days 2019

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