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«How Good is Your Memory?»

live performance / family event: Interactive microconcert for young and old listeners with Architek Percussion

19.11.2023 14:00,

Grand Foyer

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Architek Percussion
Noam Bierstone, Ben Duinker, Alexander Haupt, Ben Reimer percussion

Catherine Kontz: Sardines for percussion quartet
Julia Wolfe: Dark Full Ride part 1

Age: >6 years

Âge: à partir de 6 ans / Duration: 25’

The percussion quartet put their collective memory to the test, competing amongst themselves and with the audience, plus a piece by Catherine Kontz for tins filled with spices, and a work by Julia Wolfe for 4 high-hats.


Pass à la journée / Tagespass / day pass: 19.11.: 20 € (<30 ans: 12 €) (hors / außer / except
concert 19.11. 20:00 Laurie Anderson)
Pass pour l’ensemble du festival / Festivalpass / festival pass (4 jours / Tage / days): 55 € (<30 ans: 33 €)

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