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«The Julius Eastman Memorial Dinner»

live performance: A poignant and multi-layered tribute to a pioneering composer

18.11.2023 21:30,

Salle de Musique de Chambre

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Jace Clayton voix, électronique
Emily Manzo, David Friend piano

Jace Clayton: The Julius Eastman Memorial Dinner

Duration: 60’

Jace Clayton creates a powerful and immersive experience around Julius Eastman’s works, celebrating the composer’s legacy and contributions to the world of music.


Pass à la journée / Tagespass / day pass: 19.11.: 20 € (<30 ans: 12 €)
Pass pour l’ensemble du festival / Festivalpass / festival pass (4 jours / Tage / days): 55 € (<30 ans: 33 €)

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